Concrete Design AwardOn January 12, 2017, along with other project team members, Point Ready Mix was awarded a 2016 WRMCA (Wisconsin Ready Mixed Concrete Association) Concrete Design Award for an ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) project in Pleasant Prairie, WI. The Concrete Design Award Ceremony took place at the Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells as part of the WRCMA Annual Technical Workshop.

ICF – The Century House

This ICF project was co-designed by Andrew and Jennifer Bielanski in cooperation with D.F. Maher Architects-Builders.  The entire project (exterior walls and floors) is approximately 65 percent ready mixed concrete. The exterior ICF walls arc thirteen inches thick utilizing five inches of Styrofoam Blocks with 8 inches of reinforced concrete. These walls are on average 23 feet tall. The footings are 32 inches wide by 12 inches thick with 3 number 4 rebar running continuously. The walls were poured in 3 foot lifts. Vertical rebar was placed 36 inches on center and horizontal rebar were 24 inches on center continuously.

The first floor was a 4-inch poured concrete-fiber-mesh slab sand grade on two inches of poly insulation. Rebar was placed 24 inches on center in 2 directions within the garage slab. Also, inlaid in the first-floor slab was PEX tubing, 10 inches on center for in-floor radiant heating using a gas-fired boiler.

The project took 8 months to build and was finished in September of 2016.  The challenge of this project was to incorporate the design specifications, as submitted by the owners, in a stunning and utilitarian whole that invokes an 1890's historical architype.  Great clients and great Sub Contractors made for a great project.

“The Century House”, Pleasant Prairie, WI

Project Team Members receiving Concrete Design Award, On right - Steve Fleming, Point Ready Mix QC Director

Project Team Members

  • Owner: Andrew & Jennifer Bielanski
  • Concrete Supplier: Point Ready Mix
  • Architect/Contractor: D.F. Maher Architects-Builders
  • Subcontractor: T.C. Concrete
  • Subcontractor: Julian’s ICF Installation, LLC